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It’s Time To Transform The State Of Well-Being In Your Workplace

Pra’na [prah-nuh] n.

breath, considered as a life-giving force.


Cor’po’rate Pra’na [kawr-per-it, -per • prah-nuh] n.

employees as the breath & life of your company.


A thriving organization is the shared responsibility of its leaders and employees. When both groups take ownership, it becomes a mutual path to a sustainable and successful future. Our mission is to lead you there.

Company Culture is a Matter of Perspective. What’s Your Paradigm?

  • work harder, faster, longer
  • cut employee benefits to increase bottom line
  • if you’re not stressed, you’re not working
  • why take time off
  • multitasking is more productive
  • eating lunch @ your desk means commitment

  • employee wellbeing is a core value
  • time off is necessary and encouraged
  • collaboration vs. competition is a company virtue
  • yoga class trumps working late
  • conscious leadership directs vision


Aly came to my home and provided private yoga instruction on multiple occasions for myself and one or two of my friends. She was always on time and prepared, and also took the time to get information on any special needs any of us may have that day that could use her special attention. She was absolutely fabulous, and I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Aly. She gave healing touches and special adjustments that added so much to the whole experience. I have never found a yoga instructor with as much attention to detail and professionalism as Aly.

Tracy Pompeo

Thank you for introducing me to Corporate Prana. Incorporating yoga has helped relieve my mind body tension, muscular imbalances, and helps me healthily deal with my intense work week. Allison Gaughan's personal skills have facilitated these improvements in my life. She is authentic and passionate about helping working professionals explore a life that is more spacious, resilient, and mindful.

Marie Green

As a practitioner of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness there seems to be many places that offer instruction for an individual or company. The problem I found was the inconsistency and quality of instruction. Aly, however, is one magnificent exception. It is very rewarding to be helped by someone who embodies what she teaches. I believe her depth of knowledge in these areas along with her positive attitude would help anyone looking to incorporate these yogic principles. I can honestly say her kindness and insight has changed my life!

Bruce Leasure

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