Corporate Prana designs wellness spaces where employees not only take classes but can retreat before or after work, during their break or lunch hour. Hospitals, leading Fortune 500 companies, and airports have recognized and implemented such spaces to promote the wellbeing of the people that visit or work in those spaces. Our lives depend on the ability to breath and live deeply, so by providing environments that support this philosophy our fragmented lives and companies become even greater than before.

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Benefits from our Services


  • Optimal Energy for Life and Work
  • Physical Mind Body Freedom and Flexibility
  • Physiological Wellbeing (Lower Stress, Anxiety, Depression)
  • Mental Clarity, Focus, and Creativity
  • Emotional Resilience and Balance
  • Strengthened Relationships (Self, Family, Friends, Colleagues)
  • Release of Energetic Thoughts, Beliefs, and Habits


  • Reduce Health Care Claims
  • Healthier, Happier Employees
  • More Focused, Productive, Engaged Employees
  • Lower Attrition Rates
  • Stronger, More Purposeful Company Culture
  • Sustainable Leadership Success
  • Balanced, Energetic Workplace Environment

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