Why Corporate Prana

We deliver wellness solutions companies are looking for. Research shows employees that are engaged by having their core needs met are 50% more likely to invest in the shared vision of the organization. A dynamic company culture is a mutually beneficial relationship that is founded in this ENERGETIC exchange. Our mission is for employees and companies to use energy management for life/work transformation.

November 2013 — June 2014, What is Your Quality of Life At Work? HBR.org & The Energy Project (n=19,900+)


We aspire to partner with companies that value and invest in conscious, sustainable solutions whereby the company nurtures the employee and the employee works with greater consciousness, capacity, and commitment. We believe leaders and their organizations are poised for economic uncertainty when their work force is responsive and resilient.


We help organizations increase productivity, innovation, and profitability through the health and wellbeing of their employees. Our soul focus is to create thriving workplace environments, so everyone has the opportunity to achieve his or her highest potential while balancing personal and professional life.


We teach and train leaders and their employees to build lasting, holistic relationships within themselves to engage life and business with an energetic, limitless perspective. The simplistic blend of yoga, meditation, conscious leadership and environmental design are what make Corporate Prana unique.


Last year companies in the United States spent over $300 Billion in STRESS related health care costs.



Allison is the founder and chief visionary of Corporate Prana. As a Corporate Wellness Specialist, she is passionate about helping companies develop lasting wellness, culture, and profits, the CONSCIOUS way. Allison believes that employees are the breath and life force of a company and will ultimately reflect the health and wellbeing of a company.

After a fulfilling managerial career with Nordstrom and working abroad for a financial institution, Allison’s intrigue with how people live and work in their environments led her to earn a degree from UCSD with a major in Urban Studies and Planning.

Allison continued to learn how energy within an environment affects the inhabitants and became certified in Residential and Corporate Feng Shui. To round out and blend her personal passion of Yoga and Meditation, Energy, and Environments she became certified in various Yoga and Meditation styles.

Corporate Prana is a growing team of dedicated practitioners that believe the future is what we do in the present moment and that transformational wellbeing is possible and exciting.

In addition to corporate programs, Allison teaches in the community and holds month-long programs for individuals looking to pursue a life that is fueled by conscious living and leadership.

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